Wednesday, 26 August 2015


I would like to start with how I embarked my journey into motherhood. After my husband and I were told the unexpected news that I was carrying twins, we couldn't thank Allah SWT more. We rejoiced this blessing by sharing with family and lots of gratitude to Allah. I began reciting the quran with the intention of letting the foetuses listen to the words of the Almighty. After 34 weeks of carrying this wonderful gift or rather gifts of God  and enduring all the complications of a multiple pregnancy, I delivered my beautiful girls. Although my husband and I had to undergo the traumatising experience of an emergency C- Section, we were very hopeful and convinced that Allah would not let anything wrong happen, this trust we had was worth every ounce and Allah did not let our hopes down. "whoever puts his trust in Allah then He will suffice him" Quran 65:3

Post delivery was a period of distress. Little did I know the demands of twin babies. I was an overwhelmed first time mom trying to get it all right. The breastfeeding not getting on well, changing nappies 8X2 times a day, burping one after the other, settling one to sleep only to find the other wide awake and amidst all of this getting my household chores done!.... With my husband working full time I had very little and sometimes no support at all. All these had gotten the worst of me and my iman was an all time low. I just barely managed my 5 daily prayers but I knew this was not enough.
Alhumdulillah my husband had my parents fly from Sri Lanka, I had them for the first 5 months.  The extra hands helped me revive my iman and connection with the Almighty. I was trying to find time to re connect with God and realised for the first time that iman is not something that you set aside time for..... It is a part of you and with you 24x7. You only need to be conscious of it. I realized that ibaadah (worship) can be done anywhere anytime. Feeding my babies and looking after them on its own was an ibaadah as I was taking care of something that Allah  had entrusted me with. Cooking was another ibaadah, freshening up myself with utmost difficulty just to look pleasing enough for my husband when he gets home tired, was another. Soon I began to realize that I could turn any ordinary chore into an ibaadah with the right intention. This is SubahanAllah a blessing from Allah, He truly is Compassionate. "Allah does not burden a soul that it can bear " Quran 2:286. I found myself increasing my ilm by listening to numerous lectures while breastfeeding. I know some moms out there wait for the right time to reconnect with god post delivery, just like I did but sisters you are unintentionally pleasing Allah every time you do something for your family. All we need is to be conscious of why and ultimately for whom we are doing it in order to earn your reward. After all we dont want to waste a single effort in earning hassanath do we. This very conscience can turn your mundane daily chores into much more  meaningful tasks, which Allah has dedicated to you in the first place.

Sometimes we tend to get our daily activites out of the way just to relax. In the name of relaxing we are hasty in finishing our days activities may it be our Salah or other responsibilities. We forget the true purpose of this life, which is to work hard in order to relax in  the next  life (Akhirah).I remember an advice from  Imam Ahmed Bin Hanbal : His son, Abdullah, asked hism one day: “Abi when will we ever relax?”  He looked him in the eye and said: “With the first step we take into Jannah.” 

If we understand the purpose of our existence which is to submit and worship our Lord The Lord of the heavens and the earth! then no task is going to be over whelming rather we will see it as a means of  achieving the purpose, the ultimate goal of entering Jannah!


  1. Excellent article and very well written! This is a useful reminder to all mothers with small children or in fact anyone. Definitely need to take note of a few things applicable to my daily life....Jazakallah khair